Rediscover India’s past, one story at a time


Our Mission

India is a melting pot of cultures, people and languages. Much of what India is today is owed to the past – to the rulers of the Sultanate, the Mughals, the British and all those that have left an indelible mark in its history. Each facet of Indian history has come together to create India - a land of vibrancy, culture, magic and tradition. For years, Indians have used the art of story telling to conserve the uniqueness of our country’s past. Brave rulers, intelligent ministers, ambitious slaves and heroic warriors – tales passed down from generation to generation have ensured that they remain immortal.

India Story is a one of a kind app that draws on this ancient art of story telling to highlight the past of a country as diverse as India. India Story handholds tourists through their journey of exploration of a city, using interactive audio guides to ensure that all those that travel in India feel the touch of its magic. Join us at India Story as we travel in time and conserve Indian culture and heritage.