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Avantika Khanna is a 16 year old, high school student with a passion for all things ancient and historical. An avid traveler, she has spent majority of her life living out of a suitcase and absorbing the culture and heritage of the numerous places she has traveled to. In each country, what impressed her the most was how accurate and well curated information about monuments was easily accessible. This was something she found lacking in her own country, one whose history was unmatched in its vastness. 

Hence, during a startup competition, she channeled her business acumen to develop an entrepreneurial venture which has now culminated into India Story. Avantika hopes that through this app, she can instill respect and admiration for Indian heritage not only among foreigners but also among locals - helping people rediscover India, one story at a time. 


it head

Arnav Aggarwal

A 16 year old who loves to explore new cultures, seek new experiences and fix broken things. 

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marketing head

vidhisha ajmera

Vidhisha is an enthusiastic high school student with a Passion for art and technology . She enjoys travelling and loves working with underpriviledged children .She wishes to leverage her comfort with technology and strong interpersonal skills to make the app marketing a big success . She is a firm believer that nothing is impossible if u put hard work and passion into doing it !

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head of tie ups and expansion

akhil sahni

Akhil Sahni is a student of The Shri Ram School Aravali . He is a trinity qualified pianist , an avid debator and a passionate sportsperson. His outgoing and extroverted nature has him serving as the Head of Tie Ups and Expansion for India Story and he is looking forward to having a fusion of various different fields with ancient Indian culture to make it an interesting real life experience for our users.


social media head

aashna vora

Aashna is a 16 year old high school girl with a keen interest in marketing particularly social media marketing. She thinks that social media has the power to change the world in many ways and has in fact already impacted society incredibly. A lover of chemistry, she’s always “in her element”. Her curiosity gets the best of her when she tries to find out the reason why a company/brand is not successful and finds creative solutions to solve the problem. She is a perfect match for this app.


Bangalore Team

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City Lead

Kiyara Lalwani 

Kiyara and Avantika completed a Duke TIP summer program together at the Shiv Nadar University and share art, culture and travel as common interests. 
Kiyara wants to leverage her local knowledge of Bangalore where she’s spent over a decade after her childhood days in Dubai and Chicago.
In addition to this, she hopes to put her innate management skills to use in order to fulfill the objectives of the app.

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Photography Lead

Simran Sharma

 A 17 year old from Bangalore,India whose interests include dabbling in different forms of photography and videography.

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Content Lead

Siddharth Walia

An 18 year old college student studying at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore. Passionate about cooking and writing about food as well as listening and making music, he aspires to excel in the field of Culinary Arts.



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city lead

Diya Goyal

Diya Goyal is a high school student who takes keen interest in her surrounding frame. She appreciates combinatorial creativity and seeks to bring it to effective use in this task. Having lived in Kolkata for her entire life, she knows all about the nooks and corners of the city. She aims to channel her marketing and organisational skills into this venture. Her knack for writing along with her astute business edge would help her make good of the entails of this app.

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Content lead

Malvika Sharma

Malvika Sharma is a 16 year old high school student. She’s an avid reader who’s admiration for aesthetics is inexpressible. The depth of her passion for books, music and food knows no bound. The only drug for her is the smell of new books, also arranging them in a chronological order. She puts the f in the food so she knows what she's doing in life. Her indomitable love for monuments and sites of historical interest blended with her flair for writing makes this the perfect platform for her to display her talents.


Mumbai Team


city leaD

Shaina vora

Shaina is a vibrant, enthusiastic and passionate student studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme (grade 11) at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. A lover of languages and the arts, her interests lie in History, English and Theatre, while also keenly interested in the fields of business and management. Her love for Indian History combined with her strong passion to inculcate the same in others alligns with the purpose of our iniative. Living in Mumbai all her life, she hopes to share its unparalleled history through this app as well as channel her skills of writing, organisation and photography.


Photography lead

Sakina Sehorewala 

Sakina Sehorewala is a 17 (almost 18) year old studying in the 12th grade. You will often hear her complaining about wanting to travel so she can take more pictures for her Instagram. On weekends, you can find her loitering the aesthetic streets of Fort to get that perfect shot. She is a lover of all things history- books, movies, travel and so on. When you add photography and history together, for her it is like taking a sip of a perfectly made coffee.

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Photography assistant

Muskaan Ghai

Muskaan Ghai is a 17 year old, who believes that visual arts are the most beautiful form of expression. Her interests lie in  photography, a medium that let's you make moments last forever. She has a keen eye for aesthetics and finds beauty in almost everything around her. She hopes to use her creativity and skill to help people rediscover the roots of India

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Content lead

Ishika srivastava

Ishika Srivastava is a grade 11 student from the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. A national level debater, there are few things she enjoys more than a good argument. It is for this reason she loves the study of history : analysing multiple perspectives to understand the past.


Chandigarh Team


Content lead

siya sabharwal

Siya Sabharwal a 16 year old is a native of Chandigarh which is the heart of Punjab. Her passion lies in pouring her heart and thoughts on paper. She is a published author and has a book to her credit. She is an artist and aspires to be a designer one day. Travel and books go hand in hand for her. 


Photography lead

arnav bhatia

Arnav Bhatia is a 17 year old student studying in The Shri Ram School,Moulsari. Arnav’s varied interests include photography, cardistry, cubing and athletics. Having always been fascinated by the mechanics behind structures, Arnav aspires to be an engineer. He combines this with his eye for design in his role as photography lead for Chandigarh. Always inspired by the planning of the city, as photography lead, Arnav has managed to bring to life the beauty of the city through his pictures.


Lucknow team

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City lead

Yash agarwal


jaipur team

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Content Lead

Pranjal Khandelwal

Pranjal wishes to pursue journalism in the field of international relations and wishes to grow as a theatre artist. She is interested in almost everything. She debates a lot, more than is necessary and loves to sing even though she can't. She loves animals and small things make her very happy. She is a very all-over-the-place person. So are her choices!

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photography lead

ananya jain

Whatever Ananya does, she does with doggedness and transcends expectations. She has the ability to give life to any thought, no matter how complex it may be. Her creativity makes her the perfect photography lead for a city as vibrant as Jaipur.


Chennai team

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content lead

ahaanaa Singh

Ahaanaa is in the 11th grade of The Shri Ram School, Aravali. Her interests mainly lie in social service, western literature, and reading. She believes that relearning the culture of our country is so important for the youth since we’ve forgotten how rich our country is in its traditions and heritage. This is her primary motivation behind joining India Story.

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Content lead

Manya kapoor

Manya is a 15 year old girl with an apparent passion for sports and music. Despite being outgoing and extremely friendly, she also has a quiet and creative side which motivates her to read and write indefinitely on topics that interest her. She is inspired by books of nearly all genres and admires honest writing.  She loves history, and is particularly fascinated by mythology and ancient folklore. She is a problem solver and shows a keen interest in answering others’ questions.


Varanasi Team

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Content lead

Avika Jetley

Avika is a 16 year old girl; an avid reader,she has always been intrigued by the styles and complexities of writing.She has explored poetry and story writing but found her niche in narratives and simplistic writing about thoughts, ideas and observations

Having been brought up in a family that loves roadtrips,she has an in built fondness and interest in the diverse culture and beauty that India has to offer.


Srinagar Team

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Content lead

Tara Mathur

Tara Mathur is a 16 year old high school girl, who has a passion for creative writing and long hours of research. Her favourite subject in school is history, and she enjoys delving deep into why a certain historical event occurred and what sort of impact it had. She happens to love old artifacts and monuments, and is always curious about their hidden details.